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About Solano Mobile


Driven by a passion for ensuring convenient access to essential healthcare services, Tenaya founded Solano Mobile Phlebotomy with a clear mission: to offer convenient, reliable, and professional mobile phlebotomy services. The company aims to empower both individuals and healthcare facilities by providing a comprehensive range of tests, including lab draws, specialty kit draws, urine analysis, specimen pick-ups/drop-offs, glucose tolerance testing, and DNA testing, among others.

Solano Mobile Phlebotomy operates with a commitment to excellence and efficiency, ensuring accurate results and enhancing overall well-being for its clients. Tenaya's dedication to delivering top-notch service extends beyond regular hours, with the company offering extended service hours on weekdays and weekends.

Clients can rely on Solano Mobile Phlebotomy for a wide range of DNA testing services, including legal paternity testing, non-legal paternity testing, grandparent DNA testing, siblingship DNA testing, avuncular DNA testing, immigration DNA testing, non-invasive paternity DNA testing, and gender reveal DNA testing (NIPT). Additional DNA services are available upon request, reflecting the company's flexibility and dedication to meeting clients' diverse needs.

For convenient access and professional service in the realm of mobile phlebotomy and DNA testing, Solano Mobile Phlebotomy stands ready to serve.

Why Choose Us


Solano Mobile Phlebotomy brings phlebotomy services directly to your doorstep, saving you the time and hassle of traveling to medical facilities.

Personalized Care

Our team prioritizes patient education and comfort, ensuring that each individual understands the importance of blood tests and feels at ease during the procedure.


For those with mobility issues, illness, or transportation constraints, we offer a solution by making essential healthcare services readily available in the comfort of their own homes.

Community Commitment

Founded on a passion for serving the community, Solano Mobile Phlebotomy is dedicated to redefining the healthcare experience, one patient at a time, by providing compassionate care and convenience.

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